THE FUGS, NYC, 1967 - Ed Sanders was a poet, underground publisher, pacifist, musician, political activist, social chronicler, and all around wild man. I first met him when he was working in a liquor store in Times Square and I was a clerk in a record store. He was then publishing a mimeographed poetry magazine called "Fuck You a magazine of the arts", and would show up at poetry readings to hand out copies. Poets like Allen Ginsberg. Peter Orlovsky, Phil Whalen, Robert Creeley, Michael McClure, Robert Olsen, Judith Malina, were represented. It was a literary link from the Beats to the proto-hippies, before the term "counterculture" was formed. Ed and Tuli Kupferberg are singing on the right. This performance was at Ed's Peace Eye Bookstore, which was marked only by the Hebrew "Kosher" sign on the front window, leftover from the former tenant.

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